PS Jailbreak - The Worlds Initial PS3 Modchip Gets Your PS3 Homebrew Gaming

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No one thought it would be feasible, but the PS Jailbreak starts offering. Some men and women call it the PS3 Jailbreak or a PS3 Modchip, but what ever the identify, it's 1 cool little accessory. Its a modest USB dongle, that tells the PS3 that it is okay to install games on to your PS3 hard drive and then will also enable you to load them from there too, sands the disc.
Its much like the USB Modchips that came out long ago for the Playstation 2, that didnt require any internal soldering of any kind, and were just plug in and play type modchips that were so easy to use and set up that they went off the shelves.
The PS Jailbreak for all intents and purposes works the same way, at least as far as installation goes, as the ps2 modchip did. Just plug it into the USB port on the PS3 and you're all set. You also need to have another flash disk drive plugged into the USB port (And USB Stick will do) in order to set up your homebrew video games and applications as well as t he backup manager.
Many persons didnt think that a PS3 modchip was achievable, as its been several years since the release of the PS3 console itself, and no modchip for the PS3 ever surfaced. What really has me excited is that the installation, if I can even call it an installation, is so incredibly simple, that anyone can do it, without any technicals skills or soldering experience. Heck, you don't even have to own a soldering iron..
Most modchips for any other consoles, certainly initial generation modchips, always required installation by way of solder anywhere from 10 - 40 wires internally on to the main board of the game system. Not with the PS Jailbreak. All you really need to do is be able to plug an USB dongle into an USB port, and you're done.
The backup manager software that comes with the PS Jailbreak is what makes all of this so magical. You simply set up this software and youll see another icon right on your PS3 main screen, called the backup manager.
When you select and load the backup manager, all you have to do is insert any PS3 game disc, and the option to set up the game will come up on screen. Once selected, you can see the progre ss bar as your game is being installed on the Playstation 3 challenging drive.
The time for install varies naturally, based on how large or modest the game is on the disc, but Ive found it to take no more than just a few minutes for many of the newest video games to set up.
Okay, everything you needed to do is done, you have the PS Jailbreak, its installed, you've put a game or two on your HDD, now it's time for the fun. Soon after your game is installed just go back into the backup manager and pick the game you want to play. Load it up and you're good to go. Once you're back in the backup manager, just push the button on your controller to load the game you want to start playing.
Its faster to play video games from the internal challenging drive because theres virtually no load times. The HDD loads video games up to 20 times faster than the same game from the disc. Youll also notice that there is almost NO load time during the game, between levels and such.Whether you already have a PS3, or are planning to buy a PS3 sometime in the near future, make sure you get yourself the PS Jailbreak too - you won't regret it. Not only will it let you start playing your games faster, it may also help you protect your expensive PS3 game discs from getting damaged from scratches and regular handing.